Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Plumber's Tale

A few weeks ago when my computer died, the purchase of a new one as well as the latest version of Word, provided me with the opportunity to revisit abandoned manuscripts. With fresh eyes, many of them didn't look too bad. I wondered why I had given up on so many texts that now seemed to have potential. Writing short books is long hard work that requires fearless slashing and burning of beloved lines until the story seems just right. Some days the frustration is insurmountable.

Several years ago, during a very wet winter season, the drains in our back yard deck surrounding the pool became clogged with roots. You are probably wondering about the relationship between a clogged drain and writer's block. When the pool overflowed, the water had no place to go creating a potentially disastrous situation. Between storms, I called a plumber to remedy the situation. He worked for an hour to no avail. He knocked on the door to ask if I wanted to spend another 40 dollars for him to continue working as he was making no progress. I said, "Yes." Fifteen minutes later, he broke through the blockage and the water flowed freely through the pipes into the street. When I am working, I often spend an hour without the desired result. I want to rip my work to shreds, press delete but I don't. I think about the plumber with another fifteen minutes, another forty bucks and I continue to scribble or type away.

On another note, yesterday, a friend found my book SHIVER ME LETTERS at #11 on a list of the TOP ABC BOOKS OF ALL-TIME

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